**Update**: Shay Denies Fight w/ Larissa

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A VH1 message board is reporting that there was NOT an altercation between Shay and Larissa (aka Buckeey and Bootz) at NYC’s China Club. Shay denied all rumors during a recent radio interview, and says that she will deal with Larissa during the reunion show. However, Larissa did an interview of her own claiming that she’s going to “check” Shay and Schatar at the reunion show. I’m pretty sure this reunion show won’t fail to disappoint. Bring on the ignorance: chair throwing, name calling and straight up drama with a capital D. Why is it that they are so good at making black girls look bad? 

**Thanks to Jamie for the update tip.

 Listen to Bootz’ interview with BlackRican


Could Julissa’s Man be Trouble?

106 and Park’s ex-host Julissa sure ain’t having a hard time finding a FINE ass man. She’s been dating Kansas City Chiefs player Larry Johnson for a while now, since sometime back in 2006. This pic isn’t the greatest, but click here to see some fine shots of the brotha. Mmm. Anyway, I hope she’s watching her back because Johnson allegedly has a history of domestic violence. Old reports are starting to resurface now, and she has yet to comment. He was arrested in 2005 for domestic abuse in an altercation with his then girlfriend. He reportedly grabbed her and shoved her to the ground when she confronted him while with another woman. He was cited for domestic abuse assult, but released on bond for the misdemeanor. That is understandle to me though, because I know how aggressive women can be when they get jealous and all in your face. But, that wasn’t his first incident involving domestic abuse. Reportedly, he struck a deal with prosecutors in 2004 to avoid domestic abuse charges alleging that he slapped a woman and threatened her with a handgun. I’m sorry, though I would take his prior record into account before dating him…I couldn’t turn a fine brotha like that down. As long as the gun wasn’t swinging in my face…..j/k (or am I?)


Robin Givens is Set to Play Wendy Williams in New Movie

For all those who haven’t heard, Wendy Williams announced Thursday that Robin Givens has signed on to play her in the movie adaptation of her popular autobiography. If you hadn’t noticed, the two look NOTHING alike. Wendy Williams is 6 feet tall with a size 12 shoe and often compared to a tranny. Robin Givens is 5 feet and some change, weighs as much as a bag of bones and wears a 5 1/2. I guess this is where the movie magic comes in. Wendy Williams addressed the issue on her show, saying that she has a ‘unique’ look and it would be hard to find someone to play her. She was left with Queen Latifah and RuPaul as an option. She quickly ruled the two out because 1)Latifah is too boyish and 2) Rupaul is….a boy. Personally, I would’ve went with RuPaul on that one…

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Forbes 100 List Taken Over by Black Folk


The Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list was recently released, and I must say that black celebs have taken over. The list analyzes celebrity earnings, google hits, tv/radio mentions, press mentions and number of times landed on the cover of a major consumer magazine between June 2006 and June 2007. There were 5 black celebs in the top 25: Tiger Woods at #2, Jay-Z at #9, Kobe at #23 and Shaq close behind at #25. Some other celebs that rounded out the list were 50, Tyra, LeBron, Michael Jordan, Will Smith and Serena Williams. However Oprah topped the list at #1, bringing in $260 million dollars this year. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come…


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Cheri Dennis’ Ass is About to End Up on Cops

Cheri Dennis recently spoke out to SOHH.com in regards to her arrest. She told the magazine:

“It’s not a rumor. I was arrested Friday night for resisting arrest. It was non violent. I was in Tampa and was stopped by the cops who, for some reason, thought my cousin had a gun. They searched him, threw him up against the car,”

Feeling that the search and interrogation by local police was unnecessary Dennis became concerned. “I started asking questions and asking for badge numbers and names of the officers,” says Dennis as the incident began to escalate.

“They got to shoving and they pepper sprayed me and they locked my a$$ up. That’s pretty much what happened. It wasn’t like it was a big altercation. It happened so fast. In maybe like four or five minutes the whole thing was done,” says Dennis still in disbelief.

“I think that [the officers] were being filmed for ‘C.O.P.S.’ or some reality show, if I’m not mistaken… so they were being really over zealous. They just turned the whole thing up to 20. It was just a big misunderstanding,” admits Dennis who had just returned to her home in Atlanta.

“I think that they were so into what they were doing for the show that when we started asking for badge numbers and names that really ticked them off. Once they found out who I was I think that put a little extra stank on it but I don’t think they knew who I was originally because there was so many people on the scene,” explains Dennis when asked if she felt targeted.

The COPS episode will probably come out way before her album ever does, so be on the look out for that.

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Akon’s Pitiful Apology

This morning, Miss Jones (of NY Hot 97 radio station) played Akon’s apology song for the world to hear. It was dedicated to Gwen Stefani and that 14 y.o. girl he freaked all over the stage. Apparently Gwen Stefani hasn’t been speaking to him since the incident, because he caused Verizon to pull out of sponsoring her tour.

Anyway, the song is ridiculous. His half-hearted apology spent more time bashing everyone else than acutually saying sorry. He was obviously forced to write this, because he doesn’t seem too remorseful to me. He should just be lucky they didn’t make him feature in his own public service announcement. Can you imagine? ” Hi, my name is Akon. I would like to speak to you all about freaking young girls on stage without checking their i.d. first.”

Akon-“I’m Sorry”

Kim K Blasts Ray-J for Dating His Mother

Well, Whitney Houston isn’t really his mother. But she damn sure is old enough to be. Kim K left some pretty angry messages on her ex’s voicemail about his new media sham for attention fling Whitney, and now they have been sampled in a controversial new R&B hit. Ray-J alleges that someone hacked into his phone and added the angry voicemails to a soundtrack. Yeah, ok. We’ll see when the time comes around for him to decide he wants to drop his 4359 album that will not sell. Do I smell a bonus track people?Ray J explains, “There’s this 1-800 number, where you can check people’s messages through this spy company. I guess somebody did that. Then they put a soundtrack to the s*#t… and now it’s going to be Kim dissing Whitney, Kim talking s**t to me about the bitches I’ve f#*ked.”It is funny how Kim has the nerve to be leaving him messages complaining about all the chicks he’s been with. If I had a penny for every guy this chick has been tossed around to…let’s just say I’d be living verrry comfortably right about now.

**Oh yeah, Ray-J’s in talks to narrate his own porn flick now. He says that they do all the dirty work and he just coaxs them on, in a “classy” way. I don’t have all the details, but I’m tired of wasting posts on this dude.

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