What the F#$%’s in the Water? Lil Wayne & Ja Rule Both Arrested in NY

Newsday.com has reported that both Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested last night in separate incidents in NY. It’s reported that at around 10:30 pm Ja Rule was pulled over for speeding, but cops found a .40-calibur pistol upon searching the vehicle. Only hours later, Lil Wayne was arrested under claims that cops found witnessed him and another guy smoking weed after his performance at the Beacon Theatre. When they searched him, they discovered he had a .40-calibur pistol on him too. All I can say is wtf?! You rappers need to learn how to be more conspicious when COMMITTING ILLEGAL CRIMES!!! I mean, you’re kinda asking to get caught when you’re smoking in public! Anyway, in some more bizarre news, Lil Wayne is featured on Ja Rule’s latest single Uh Oh, to be released on his upcoming album. It’s not so bizarre that the two that collaborated got arrested on the same night, but more so because Ja Rule’s coming out with a new album. Wtf!? I almost thought he gave that dream up when 50 murdered his career years ago.

Click here to watch the two of them get hauled off. Courtesy of Breitbart.tv

Photos courtesty of VH1.com


Lil Wayne to Star in New Reality Show?…


Word on the streets is that Lil’ Wayne is gearing up for his own reality show. “Making the Next Hit with Lil’ Wayne”, will be airing on Thenext.tv. This is sadly another prime example of what happens when celebrities get bored. Why is it that they’re all getting their own reality shows! This crackish version of American Idol meets Ice T’s rap school (horrible show!eh!) searches for wannabe producers and talent to be the next big star…(yada, yada, yada). I checked the website and he’s not the host, so I’m still trying to figure out his purpose. Check it out for yourself at TheNext.tv

and could the name get anymore original?…Come on Wayne, you’re slippin.

Oh well, it has to be better than MTB4. Doesn’t take much to top that trash.

Could Love Be in the Air Again for Trina and Weezy?


It looks like this relationship might just pickup where it left off. Contrary to previous reports this week that Weezy has been spending alot of time with the Trina lookalike Farrah (formerly of Destiny’s Child), it was definitely Trina who was the center of his attention at club Miami Live this weekend. Trina was apparently so infatuated by Weezy and his performance, that she had a hard time remembering her lyrics when it came time for her set. Then, they were said to have spent 30 seconds gazing at each other and the next 5 minutes MAKING OUT. Yes, 5 minutes of very public spit swapping. They allegedly both hugged, kissed and CRIED (yes, it got better), affectionately telling each other how much they missed one another. The crowd was loving it, of course. They were reportedly crying too, and popping bottles of champagne for the couple. As weird as this report may sound, I completely believe it. When men are really heartbroken, they tend to run wild between women (i.e. Solange and Farrah), even when they still have love for their ex. They need to hurry up and get back together.

Is Lil Wayne Feelin Ciara?

I know Lil Wayne’s been linked to Solange (who is still allegedly married) lately, but I came across this freestyle of his on her ‘Promise’ beat. I don’t know if he’s talking to her or if it’s just a song, you be the judge. He says “you can be my caramel shorty”, so who knows. This song’s on his recent mixtape Da Drought 3, which are all songs recorded over other people’s beats. So, he might actually JUST be making a song. The mixtape is hot though, that’s the only thing I am certain of. Here’s a pic of him and Solange, just because.


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