**Update**: Shay Denies Fight w/ Larissa

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A VH1 message board is reporting that there was NOT an altercation between Shay and Larissa (aka Buckeey and Bootz) at NYC’s China Club. Shay denied all rumors during a recent radio interview, and says that she will deal with Larissa during the reunion show. However, Larissa did an interview of her own claiming that she’s going to “check” Shay and Schatar at the reunion show. I’m pretty sure this reunion show won’t fail to disappoint. Bring on the ignorance: chair throwing, name calling and straight up drama with a capital D. Why is it that they are so good at making black girls look bad? 

**Thanks to Jamie for the update tip.

 Listen to Bootz’ interview with BlackRican


Jay-Z Bans Dipset from the 40/40 Club


Last Monday night DJ Kid Capri was on the turntables, spinning records for the Real Hip Hop Tv Network Launch Party that took place at Jay’s 40/40 club. Reportedly, Jay-Z has banned any Dipset records from ever getting any spin at the club. DJ Kid Capri was apparently the only one who didn’t get the memo, because he threw a couple of their records on to play. I guess the crowd didn’t get more than a “dip-“, because the plug was quickly pulled on the track. Word is that the crowd got very upset and the place quickly cleared out. Everyone knows the tension had been riding high between Jay and the Dip ever since Dame signed them to the Roc a few years ago. But anyone in NY knows that the Set is what’s hot right now, so I hope he knows he’s just pissed alot of people off now.


Uncle Murda Addresses Rumors He Got Snuffed by Papoose’s Camp

I heard a report on the Wendy Williams show a few days ago that rumors were flying that Uncle Murda had gotten snuffed by someone in Papoose’s camp at the T-Pain album release party. Charlemayne quickly dismissed that rumor and said that someone in Papoose’s camp swung but missed. Uncle Murda backed up the story in this video, though no one can prove whic side is actually telling the truth. A reader sent an email to RealTalkNY claiming that he Murda got snuffed twice while cameras rolled. But all we have to go on is hearsay.

Proof That You Can’t Take the Hood out the Rat


I knew these attention-hungry hookers were going to go at it someday. I reported a few weeks back that these two did not have such nice things t0 say about each other during recent interviews about the show. MediaTakeout has reported that Bootz and Buckey ran into each other at NYC’s China Club and drinks started flying! A MediaTakeout reader who witnessed it wrote in:

Last night me and my girls [went] to the China club. So we get there and there must have been some celebrity celebrating there birthday or something because all these celebrities were heading into the club – including Buckeey from Flavor of Love.

I guess Larissa (Bootz) was also invited because she walks into the club too. We didn’t think nothing of it. All of a sudden, all we could hear was “[B WORD], this” [B WORD], that” and drinks started flying.

Two girls were fighting in the middle of the crowd so we push through to see who it was and low & behold – it’s Larissa and Buckeey, goin at it. Or shall I say Buckeey was goin’ at it.She was really kicking Bootz’s [Behind], Bootz was just loud and cursin’ the whole time. Finally the security broke it up. 

Bootz is ghetto ass fronts like she’s so hood and got her ass beat by Buckey. Buckey on the other hand, fronts like she has alot more class than she does. I saw this one coming way back, these two are always talking smack about each other. They  must’ve just seen last week’s episode.Lol.


Sisqo’ Beefin Wit Usher AND R.Kelly?

What is this industry coming to? Everyone’s beefing with everybody, tryna get publicity. Sad. What’s even sadder is that Sisqo’ re-emerged out of nowhere with a vendetta against Usher and R.Kelly (personally, I’m a fan of both of their music but neither of their personalities). It has something to do with them not “respecting him as a veteran” and something about Usher wearing dragons on his clothes?? I’m not gonna lie, I still bump Sisqo’s first cd like it’s new, but I’ve been wondering about him for a while. He seems alittle looney to me. Anyway, the track is called “One Finga”, listen to it but don’t expect it to surface on an album anytime soon. Oh yeah, look at what a hot mess he looks like now. There’s also an old pic that’s extremely questionable, and makes me wonder why the hell I used to have a crush on him (maybe b/c I was like 12 and thought that a guy with silver hair and ambiguous sexuality was attractive). Shame on me.



For someone who never went to college, 50 sure does know alot about marketing. I knew this publicity stunt couldn’t possibly be over, especially seeing that his album is about to be released soon. 50 popped up on 106 and Park to premiere his new video ‘Amusement Park’, and couldn’t help taking a cheap shot at Cam. He brought up the recent rumors circulating that Cam is hiding out because his eye got busted after a fight with Tru Life. Cam, obviously pissed, send a video to Miss Info of him in front of a pool. It was honestly one of the most random things I’ve ever seen. He started talking about how his eye wasn’t busted, he was on vacation. It looked like any random homemade pool in the back of someone’s house, not some luxury beach house if you ask me. Make sure to listen until the end, he has the nerve to tell the ‘cameraman’ to get a shot of the pool.


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