Will Biggie Ever Be Able to Rest in Peace?

Seems like everyone is still trying to milk Biggie for all he’s worth. There have been movies, cds, and documentaries GALORE made of this man who will never be able to rest in peace. A new documentary is being released, which features real footage that chronicles the lives of his closest friends and associates after his passing. SOHH states:

Life After Death: The Movie reveals the triumphs and trials of Biggie’s close friend D-Roc (real name Damion Butler), and his associates, Lil’ Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A., after Biggie’s passing. Narrated by Jamie Hector (”The Wire”) and directed by April Maiya, the film follows those who were forced to move on after the 1997 shooting, via their own video footage. The film shows friends and group members as they traveled the world enjoying the fruits of their musical success and later documents the crew’s unraveling, thanks primarily to the HOT 97 shootout that put Lil’ Kim and D-Roc behind bars.

Check out Myspace page or the website for more information, and I’ll let you be the judge…


Cheri Dennis’ Ass is About to End Up on Cops

Cheri Dennis recently spoke out to SOHH.com in regards to her arrest. She told the magazine:

“It’s not a rumor. I was arrested Friday night for resisting arrest. It was non violent. I was in Tampa and was stopped by the cops who, for some reason, thought my cousin had a gun. They searched him, threw him up against the car,”

Feeling that the search and interrogation by local police was unnecessary Dennis became concerned. “I started asking questions and asking for badge numbers and names of the officers,” says Dennis as the incident began to escalate.

“They got to shoving and they pepper sprayed me and they locked my a$$ up. That’s pretty much what happened. It wasn’t like it was a big altercation. It happened so fast. In maybe like four or five minutes the whole thing was done,” says Dennis still in disbelief.

“I think that [the officers] were being filmed for ‘C.O.P.S.’ or some reality show, if I’m not mistaken… so they were being really over zealous. They just turned the whole thing up to 20. It was just a big misunderstanding,” admits Dennis who had just returned to her home in Atlanta.

“I think that they were so into what they were doing for the show that when we started asking for badge numbers and names that really ticked them off. Once they found out who I was I think that put a little extra stank on it but I don’t think they knew who I was originally because there was so many people on the scene,” explains Dennis when asked if she felt targeted.

The COPS episode will probably come out way before her album ever does, so be on the look out for that.

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Apparently Babs hasn’t died off of the face of the earth like her MTB2 bandmates, seeing that she is slated to host Queer Black Cinema’s premiere of its newest gay teen series and live performances from its most notable LGBTQ (lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender,queer) artists on June 17. Back up. Is a bell going off loud and clear in anyone else’s head?! I’m not even going to comment on this one, I’ll leave that up to you guys.

BUT, if you were wondering what Babs Bunny has been up to check out her MySpace page

 She’s set to present Mariah Carey with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Urban Music Awards in July, hosted by Foxy Brown.

Speaking of Fox Boogie, she will be joining Fox on her tour in Africa.


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Cheri Dennis: The Bad Girl on Bad Boy


AllHipHop.com is reporting that Cheri Denis was arrested this weekend over an encounter she had with the police. Sources say that she was released after posting a $500 bond.

1)She looks way too damn happy to be smiling for that mugshot. I wouldn’t be cheesing if the camera caught me without any makeup, b/c she looks a hot mess.

2)I would not be suprised if this was another Diddy tactic to help launch his MTB4 season next week. Let’s face it, the chick ain’t selling any records. He might as well use her like he used Shyne, to do all of his dirty work.

Photo Courtesy of AllHipHop.com

Where Are They Now?On a Long Road to Nowhere:Young City Edition

 Does anyone remember Chopper a.k.a. Young City from Making the Band 20938 (aka the Niggafest)? I thought this nukka was dead, but apparently he’s still floating around. Word is that he’s now a Cash Money Millionaire, but I don’t care enough to do the research. LMAO at this video. He has the nerve to talk about how he’s making history. NEGRO PLEASE! You ARE history, and that homemade music video will NOT get you famous. I love when the never-has-beens give advice to up and coming artists. Bad news: he looks just as shitty as he always does. Good news: he learned something. Diddy is the worst person to sign with, because he will lock your ass down and your album still won’t drop.

Mario Winans is Still Alive?


I honestly thought this nukka died until I got this pic as proof. Bossip posted up this photo of Mario Winans and Cassie getting a little comfortable at a Bad Boy party. It could be a publicity stunt, but the papparazzi aren’t exactly intrigued by the sight of either of them (in fact, no one is). I don’t believe these two are a couple, but I do believe Diddy is passing this chick around like she’s communal property. She spends ALOT of time with her producer Ryan Leslie though…

Proof That Bad Boy Will Do Just About Anything to Get Back on Top

It’s pretty apparent that Bad Boy’s been in the
dumps for years now. Artists are leaving the label just as quick as they got signed. Except for a string of hit singles from a couple of artists, no one has had breakout success on the label. Cassie is no exception. I’m not gonna lie, a couple of her songs have me singing in the shower. But, I was never tricked into thinking that this girl actually has talent. She’s cute and all, but her singing just isn’t all there (even with all the computers!). If you don’t believe me, check out her new song “Sometimes” featuring Ryan Leslie.


This really makes me miss Bad Boy back in the day when they had Total, Faith, and 112.


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