More About Mwah!

mesharkeys.jpgHey everybody I just want to let everybody know alittle about me. I’m an 18 year old college student looking to make a little money on the side by researching what I love: entertainment news. I am a Marketing major, which I absolutely love. I plan to work within the business sector of the entertainment business once I graduate college. I’m also deciding between law school and grad school at this point because I am considering a career in entertainment law. I am very intelligent,articulate, laid back and FUNNY! I constantly try to maintain a light-hearted environment for everyone. I’m very creative as well, which many people say is a result of my being a lefty. I can be clumsy, goofy and cheesy at times because I like to be open and say and do whatever is on my mind. I’m such a chill person, but I can be shy and reserved at times. Once I get to know someone, I can’t shut up! Remember my face, because you’ll be seeing alot of me really soon.



  1. Whow, you really dislike Karrine. However, she deserves some respect for having the guts to tell such a story. If it is true or not, well, her, God, and the people who have been with her knows the real story. If this was not all true, she would have been sued by now an beyond broke by all the people she named in her story. It all would have been slander if it was not true. So since this hasn’t happened yet, I guess it is true as she has told it.


  2. RZA
    Wu-Tang Clan
    Soundtrack Composer
    Chess aficionado?

    Check it out!

  3. I will support what ever you do!!! I am proud of my little princess!!! I can’t wait until you make it big so I can collect…HAHA….

  4. Sorry for the typo

  5. 🙂

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    I am an ENTERTAINMENT reporter! I am not claiming ownership of these photos, because I did not take them. I am also not claiming truth in these reports, because I have no way to prove that everything everyone says is true. I try to use "reportedly" and "allegedly" as much as I can for things I'm not sure of, but keep in mind that sometimes I may forget to put that in. I use various sources to find my information: news reports, articles, other websites and blogs. I try to credit everyone for any story I have borrowed, but if I forget just ask me to add you to my blogroll and cite you as the source. Lastly, I would greatly appreciate if you would like to add tips to my site. Email me at, and I will DEFINITELY give you the credit you deserve.