Lil Wayne to Star in New Reality Show?…


Word on the streets is that Lil’ Wayne is gearing up for his own reality show. “Making the Next Hit with Lil’ Wayne”, will be airing on This is sadly another prime example of what happens when celebrities get bored. Why is it that they’re all getting their own reality shows! This crackish version of American Idol meets Ice T’s rap school (horrible show!eh!) searches for wannabe producers and talent to be the next big star…(yada, yada, yada). I checked the website and he’s not the host, so I’m still trying to figure out his purpose. Check it out for yourself at

and could the name get anymore original?…Come on Wayne, you’re slippin.

Oh well, it has to be better than MTB4. Doesn’t take much to top that trash.



  1. Ayo Weezy Get at me I got some Hott Beatz……. and I would Apreciate if I participate on your New Show…

  2. i’m waiting for jarule’s album.hey i like your blog

  3. Weezy is proving that he’s the best Rapper alive!!!

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