Will Biggie Ever Be Able to Rest in Peace?

Seems like everyone is still trying to milk Biggie for all he’s worth. There have been movies, cds, and documentaries GALORE made of this man who will never be able to rest in peace. A new documentary is being released, which features real footage that chronicles the lives of his closest friends and associates after his passing. SOHH states:

Life After Death: The Movie reveals the triumphs and trials of Biggie’s close friend D-Roc (real name Damion Butler), and his associates, Lil’ Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A., after Biggie’s passing. Narrated by Jamie Hector (”The Wire”) and directed by April Maiya, the film follows those who were forced to move on after the 1997 shooting, via their own video footage. The film shows friends and group members as they traveled the world enjoying the fruits of their musical success and later documents the crew’s unraveling, thanks primarily to the HOT 97 shootout that put Lil’ Kim and D-Roc behind bars.

Check out Myspace page or the website for more information, and I’ll let you be the judge…



  1. Never! Puffy will squeeze ever dime he can possibly get outta Biggies corpse

  2. Купи себе Пентиум V и ты сможешь перегружаться быстрее.

  3. Puffy will do what ever to get from biggies corpse. I wonder if will he ever fulfill biggies dreams like he said in “I’m missing u”

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