**Update**: Shay Denies Fight w/ Larissa

Photo Courtesy of Wire Image

A VH1 message board is reporting that there was NOT an altercation between Shay and Larissa (aka Buckeey and Bootz) at NYC’s China Club. Shay denied all rumors during a recent radio interview, and says that she will deal with Larissa during the reunion show. However, Larissa did an interview of her own claiming that she’s going to “check” Shay and Schatar at the reunion show. I’m pretty sure this reunion show won’t fail to disappoint. Bring on the ignorance: chair throwing, name calling and straight up drama with a capital D. Why is it that they are so good at making black girls look bad? 

**Thanks to Jamie for the update tip.

 Listen to Bootz’ interview with BlackRican



  1. I think that these bitches need to stop being so ignorant. the whole world is laughing at them

  2. You can hear from the Charm School girls themselves about what’s happening next and read between the lines about the Charm School Reunion during their podcast interviews at BlackPressRadio.com. Saaphyri and Leiline talk LIVE at the BET Awards and so…you can find out for yourself.

    To listen visit http://www.blackpressradio.com

  3. I think that Larissa lost a good friend for the simple fact that she turned the entire charm school house against SHAY. I am pretty sure Larissa’s mother didnt like the fact of how she is acting. AND MONIQUE is right, Black america is laughing at them because they looked really stupid.. LARISSA is the worst of the worst, and what i mean by that, is that NEW York aka tiffany wasnt as bad as her.

  4. larissa i am your biggest fan at the reunion u shut shay the hell up,that’s good .well i guess we have something in common we both like beyonce. any way my website is really at nick.com because i am 11 years old.well bye larissa. email me

  5. i think they both handled the situation wrong. actually shay was not as ignorant as larissa. larissa’s mother act as if larissa runs her. and the whole time they knew what they were going to say to monique anyway because when larissa’s mother stated, “you never had nothing good to say about larrisa the whole show”. which meant she already had bad vibes against monique. and little do larissa know, monique is from baltimore and we don’t talk alot of bull, we hit first and ask questions later, now had that been back in the day larissa’s mother would have been picking her teeth up off the floor, but monique handled it right. but it seems to me that larissa’s mother is living off her fame and fortune and act more like larissa’s sister rather than her mother. because if my daughter who is 18 raised up on another adult while i’m standing there, whether that adult is wrong or right she would have been stretched out on the floor and had to be picked up by some tweezers.

  6. I have to agree that not only black america, but we white americans were laughing at them all too. They could have learned a lot from Mo. Remember the episode where they were shown video of their behavior and Mo said something like, thy were thinking, “Did I do that?” That’s wha I think will happen to Larissa one day when she finally grows up. Hopefully she will grow up one day to be completely mortified at her bahavior on national television. I was so proud of Saphyri, she deserved to win.

  7. larissa is so lame now she acts lik a little kid for real she is so childish!! tryin to make herself look all good and shit she kno daym well shay was her bestfriend and she knows it she used to b ma idol ii hate her now!!

  8. I think that if it came down to it shay would beat that ass!!! Even though it is time to grow up and be women! Larissa knows it thats why she talks shit when tha camera is rollin! She wont do it off camera! Shay told her they could throw down back stage and Larissa said lets do it in front because she knew it would get broken up! FAKE FAKE FAKE! Shay you go girl and keep striving because you have a better life ahead than she does

  9. Yeah well I think Larrissa is childish, but she’s not completely wrong. I agree with her in the sense that the show did make a mockery of her. It made her seem like a much bigger bitch than she probably was. And though Monique is cool or whatever, she was playing a game. ‘Cause wtf makes her so classy that she can do charm school. I mean phat girls and stuff like that I can see her doing, but when I think of monique I don’t think class. I think Mrs. Parker goin “Hey Professah!” Like come on now. I didn’t think that Heather/Krazy should’ve been eliminated either because it should’ve been Schatar. It WAS fake of her to do that and then get down Larissa’s throat. It WAS fake of her to punish Larissa but not Shay. Shay is bullshitting because she’s saying she didn’t do anything, but I remember her in the room and everythign. She didn’t just watch, she was an accomplice. But whatever. They were both beyond fucked up for doing that. Leilene’s mother was dead. That wasn’t a prank, that was just plain fucked up. Whatever though. Who should’ve won won and that’s all that matters in the end. Larissa is hot anyway so she can be a bitch. At the end of the day all she needs to do is marry rich.

  10. i think larissa will get ha ass wopd by shay larissa aint ready 4 ha shay got so much hood in ha n larissa aint nun but talk 2 b real wit yall folks

  11. i thynk that they are really cool gurls but i also thynk that shay iz really fake and i thynk that larissa was in the righter way but the whole idea is dumb but do i thynk its smart no but they grown so they whateva they want but larissa i luv you so much and as far as the others gurls kick rock

  12. i do not like shay because she was faking like she was larissa’s friend but when it came down to her snitching so that monique will like her she took advantage of that, now monique haven’t been fucking with her since the show , she is back friends with larissa

  13. bootz iz noy scared of nobody so all the gurlz need 2 fall back and Shay iz cool I really like her she will nock the wind out of u. Larissa and Shay they will get down u say something 2 them they will get buck Real quick but they both my favorite and alwayz will be and they should have there own show cauze I could watch them 24/7 but datz it THROW IT UP [BOOTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {BUCKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yo what it do Yo Shay was my dawg she was real bootz was a fake ass ugly ass stank ass trifflin ass bitch yall niggas sayin shay fake i woulda did the same thang *yeah the whole situation in the first place wit lieline smiley’s moms picture was fucked up on both parts* but it happend but it was fucked up but bootz ratted out shay first so bootz woulndt get in trouble and shay addmitted to it and said yeah she had sumthin to do with it to when she told mo.. and she even told larissa straight up that she was like yeah it was the BOTH of us and mo saw the real side of it and shay would beat bootz fake ass down anyway he botttz mama need help to fake bitch tryna act hard in a camera but in the end they both need to grow up and be adults.. and stop makin us look stupid but yo shay buckey johnson lov ya gal

  15. whats up larissa


  17. hey: i dont know what use guys think but i think shay and larissa are awesome girls and they were my fav people on both charm school and flavor of love 2. so what if a pic got taken get over it girls use are like great friends and ya shay u rock but larissa i like bter cause she got style and u do to shay. shay you will go far and larissa u rock. plz come on another tv reality show.

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