Robin Givens is Set to Play Wendy Williams in New Movie

For all those who haven’t heard, Wendy Williams announced Thursday that Robin Givens has signed on to play her in the movie adaptation of her popular autobiography. If you hadn’t noticed, the two look NOTHING alike. Wendy Williams is 6 feet tall with a size 12 shoe and often compared to a tranny. Robin Givens is 5 feet and some change, weighs as much as a bag of bones and wears a 5 1/2. I guess this is where the movie magic comes in. Wendy Williams addressed the issue on her show, saying that she has a ‘unique’ look and it would be hard to find someone to play her. She was left with Queen Latifah and RuPaul as an option. She quickly ruled the two out because 1)Latifah is too boyish and 2) Rupaul is….a boy. Personally, I would’ve went with RuPaul on that one…

Photo Courtesy of EOnline



  1. Nice…

  2. good for robin


  4. Cool…

  5. Robin Givens does not look like Wendy…but she does possess the attitude.

  6. It’s all in the attitude and Robin has that. Wendy does not look like a tranny – why? because she is tall??!?!?!?! Please.

  7. hmmm?wow!! i think she should’ve went along with rupaul myself.

  8. I’m dying laughin cause when she said that on the show it was super fast and I really thought it was a joke…wth??/ In that case sign Beyonce up to play me if they make a movie on my life lol… I love the Wendy Show …I wouldn’t expect any1 to do a movie on Wendy at this point in her career… but trust, I’ll be watchin. lol.. I’m tryna think of sum1 who could play Wendy Williams but no 1 pops up.. I don’t wanna be rude and say Rupaul but he def. is a candidate real talk …too many similarities

  9. And I’m 5’10… at first I thought oh whatever…every tall woman (except models) are accused of being men but for Wendy it’s her surgeries (oddly enough), her outrageous wardrobe, the hair doin wayyyyyyy too much..too fake, her attempts at being ulter feminine w/constant pink, the tacky cheetah print that screams drag queen, size 12 ft and her jaw. She should try toning it down but hey..that’s what she likes and I like her show

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