Could Julissa’s Man be Trouble?

106 and Park’s ex-host Julissa sure ain’t having a hard time finding a FINE ass man. She’s been dating Kansas City Chiefs player Larry Johnson for a while now, since sometime back in 2006. This pic isn’t the greatest, but click here to see some fine shots of the brotha. Mmm. Anyway, I hope she’s watching her back because Johnson allegedly has a history of domestic violence. Old reports are starting to resurface now, and she has yet to comment. He was arrested in 2005 for domestic abuse in an altercation with his then girlfriend. He reportedly grabbed her and shoved her to the ground when she confronted him while with another woman. He was cited for domestic abuse assult, but released on bond for the misdemeanor. That is understandle to me though, because I know how aggressive women can be when they get jealous and all in your face. But, that wasn’t his first incident involving domestic abuse. Reportedly, he struck a deal with prosecutors in 2004 to avoid domestic abuse charges alleging that he slapped a woman and threatened her with a handgun. I’m sorry, though I would take his prior record into account before dating him…I couldn’t turn a fine brotha like that down. As long as the gun wasn’t swinging in my face…..j/k (or am I?)




  1. julissas so sexy. she has a nice figure, especially in cheers, jeers, & teats, i like the way her breasts be poppin

  2. Man I hope that’s not true. Larry is fine as hell too ! Yes Sir… But if so Julissa be careful because, we don’t want anyone to hurt you. Julissa seems like a nice girl and she has a beautiful smile that lights up a room.

  3. his sexy ass is in fantasias video- when i see you

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