Cheri Dennis’ Ass is About to End Up on Cops

Cheri Dennis recently spoke out to in regards to her arrest. She told the magazine:

“It’s not a rumor. I was arrested Friday night for resisting arrest. It was non violent. I was in Tampa and was stopped by the cops who, for some reason, thought my cousin had a gun. They searched him, threw him up against the car,”

Feeling that the search and interrogation by local police was unnecessary Dennis became concerned. “I started asking questions and asking for badge numbers and names of the officers,” says Dennis as the incident began to escalate.

“They got to shoving and they pepper sprayed me and they locked my a$$ up. That’s pretty much what happened. It wasn’t like it was a big altercation. It happened so fast. In maybe like four or five minutes the whole thing was done,” says Dennis still in disbelief.

“I think that [the officers] were being filmed for ‘C.O.P.S.’ or some reality show, if I’m not mistaken… so they were being really over zealous. They just turned the whole thing up to 20. It was just a big misunderstanding,” admits Dennis who had just returned to her home in Atlanta.

“I think that they were so into what they were doing for the show that when we started asking for badge numbers and names that really ticked them off. Once they found out who I was I think that put a little extra stank on it but I don’t think they knew who I was originally because there was so many people on the scene,” explains Dennis when asked if she felt targeted.

The COPS episode will probably come out way before her album ever does, so be on the look out for that.

Photo Courtesy of Vibe


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  1. wow poor cheri, i was gon say that i hope this dont hurt her album sales but i think it did, or something did anyways. i havent heard much from her in a while. which is a little crazy to me because her cd was really good. well… im your fan cheri so im hoping you make a comeback

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