Kim K Blasts Ray-J for Dating His Mother

Well, Whitney Houston isn’t really his mother. But she damn sure is old enough to be. Kim K left some pretty angry messages on her ex’s voicemail about his new media sham for attention fling Whitney, and now they have been sampled in a controversial new R&B hit. Ray-J alleges that someone hacked into his phone and added the angry voicemails to a soundtrack. Yeah, ok. We’ll see when the time comes around for him to decide he wants to drop his 4359 album that will not sell. Do I smell a bonus track people?Ray J explains, “There’s this 1-800 number, where you can check people’s messages through this spy company. I guess somebody did that. Then they put a soundtrack to the s*#t… and now it’s going to be Kim dissing Whitney, Kim talking s**t to me about the bitches I’ve f#*ked.”It is funny how Kim has the nerve to be leaving him messages complaining about all the chicks he’s been with. If I had a penny for every guy this chick has been tossed around to…let’s just say I’d be living verrry comfortably right about now.

**Oh yeah, Ray-J’s in talks to narrate his own porn flick now. He says that they do all the dirty work and he just coaxs them on, in a “classy” way. I don’t have all the details, but I’m tired of wasting posts on this dude.

Photo Courtesy of Splash News


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