Akon’s Pitiful Apology

This morning, Miss Jones (of NY Hot 97 radio station) played Akon’s apology song for the world to hear. It was dedicated to Gwen Stefani and that 14 y.o. girl he freaked all over the stage. Apparently Gwen Stefani hasn’t been speaking to him since the incident, because he caused Verizon to pull out of sponsoring her tour.

Anyway, the song is ridiculous. His half-hearted apology spent more time bashing everyone else than acutually saying sorry. He was obviously forced to write this, because he doesn’t seem too remorseful to me. He should just be lucky they didn’t make him feature in his own public service announcement. Can you imagine? ” Hi, my name is Akon. I would like to speak to you all about freaking young girls on stage without checking their i.d. first.”

Akon-“I’m Sorry”



  1. why would he need 2 check for an id, thats the clubs job, and they were bad that
    its a 21 and older club what was she doin there anyway,

  2. Well ya’ll should go look up her name and look at sum of the websites because they have websites where when he was humpin her she was smileing and when she was talkin about her parents did’nt know she was goin and etc..

  3. honestly. akon is getting a lot of crap and spoken down to, but if anyone has seen pictures and videos or this girl and given the situation with the club not taking responsibility; whos really at fault here? i mean the girl has a tramp stamp and belly piercings, its not like shes fitting the bill with her age. of course comes the morality issue, but im sure if he had known he wouldnt have done what he did. and with the dancing, its not that different compared to clubs here in the US. i think his apology made sense and that people are just so quick to point fingers that they dont realize that there is also truth in what he says. we can blame that he is a polygamist and that he degrades women, but who are we to rob the beliefs of others?

  4. ok what akon did was wrong in my eyes, but it was also wrong that, that girl was in the club and look at the video shes happy about it, she even lefts her legs up more like shes liking it. I think the sorry video is very well done, and I don’t think akon is going to be dry humping anyone anymore(which I think is a good thing).

  5. I think that akon song gives a good apology… he shouldn’t be at fault here..like many people have said what was she doing at a club for people 21 and older…. Where were her parents when she walked out of the house looking like she did… for anybody who is 14 and dressing like that just says that her parents don’t really care what she does.. and if i walked out the house looking like that my parents would have killed me… and another thing should akon have to card every girl in that place. no because she should have been there in the first place… It is also the clubs fault because of not carding her at the front door… the probably though o theres a preety girl u can come in.. it was worng and parcially their fault. I think people are being hyporcritical because they are trying to put all the blame on him, but there is more to it. she sould be happy he did apologize for his actions.. and not saying that his apology is pitaful… =[

  6. I don’t even find that he needed to apologize for what he did… what did he do? What every male who is straight does in a club…. he thought she was the age your repose to be in a club… so who’s fault is it? HERS…. I’m 15.. n i got a brain.. i know what i do..n so did she.. He doesn’t need to apologize but someone does… and thats her… for getting him in so much problems and not being honest but since she didn’t he seemed to be the only one taking responsibility’s for his actions. I go clubbing too… n I’m not gonna go up to every guy and tell them hey I’m 15… but if something goes too far ill let them know… and if something like this happens i would take responsibility. ( at least it gave him inspiration to make this sick ass song lol…)

  7. WAITTT whooo the hell wrote that on the top of this page…. stupidddd… alright he needs to check her ID cuz the security doesn’t know how? ok rightt…. get a life…

  8. akon’s song is so good but didnt need 2 make a apology, its her fault she shouldn’t be out at that time and she shouldn’t have let him do what he did.she should be more responsible!!!

  9. hahaha again didn’t he do that same move with tara reid, this guy is on a role, not suprised at all tho, this moron talks about boosting cars in the magazine RIDES.

    when companies sign artists i think they should do some backround criminal checks before anything is being signed, we need to keep hardworking talented individuals in the publics eye then drug dealers and wanna be thugs.

  10. I think that the girls parents, should give that girl a boot up the a** !
    this girl dances like a slut!!!
    can someone get thiis girl a pole!!!!

    na seriouse the girls parents should take more responsibility with her!
    i am 13 and i am more responsible then she is!!!!
    if my parents soor me dressed up like that i would get a good old kick up the a**!
    and so what if most girls these days are sneeking out going to night clubs!
    that just proves that this world needs to act on that!!!
    and take more responsibility of there young!!
    after all we are the children of the future!…lol

  11. dis author is f***** up..all ur doin is puttn akon down…if ur saw previous videos of dis yung girl..u will kno dat it was her intention 2 go on stage and dat she even sed herself dat she is accustom attending dat specific nite club…n how was akon supposed2 kno she was a minor… i mean he is a performin…performin in a ova 21 YR OLD club…he shudnt need 2 fink twice about dancin wid dis girl… n also in da caribbean community dem kinna dancin is acceptable..but in akons case it came out of hand…akon didnt hav 2 say sorry about dancin wid da girl…it was her own fault…. shes a nastiness n wants 2 gro up 2 quickly… now look at all da controversy she put on dis well known artist…if i saw her now…she wuda get a bit down 4 tamperin akon’s fame!!!!

  12. okay so all akon did was dance with her .. he didnt like have sex w; her .. so i dont see what the big deal is . this girl clearly gets around nnd man instaed of makin it a big deal be happy akon was actually attracted to you he is clearly sexy nnd this girls complaing ..? wtf! anyways akon did nothing wrong , but i loooveee this song nnd i can listen to it all day … he needs to calm down tho bc he is NOT to blame her parents are .. where do you think this all started .. her house .. she needs attention nnd her parents should realize they need to get this girl better shi* to do other than sneek out nnd get talented guys like akon in shit … infact if i ever see this girl i wil honestly knock her outt.. bc she is very discusting … who deserves to get in trouble him or her WHAT THE FUDGE WAS SHE DOING THERE ?.. chillin’ wtf no she was looking to get laid .. watta dummby

  13. She is a big whore….

  14. Ok Danah Alleyne is not a slut coz everyone can let go for some time and dancing like that IS what people want on stage but come on LOL !! Akon must apologize because SHE lied to her parents, SHE came to the concert when she was underaged, SHE got on stage, SHE shaked her ass like crazy to win the competition and SHE was leaning on the floor with legs wide open? Come on!! Akon is an entertainer, thats he’s JOB!!!

  15. i think akon’s song gives a good apology, even though he didn’t really need to apologize for anything. i mean, what, is it his job to check girls’ ids because security doesn’t know how? i understand that he can be at fault for being a polygamist and that he degrades women, but really, the club and especially danah are at fault. what was a 14 year old doing at a club like that anyway?

  16. Why shud Akon apologise 2 dis chick? I mean, c’mon, she blaming everyone but herself! she’s just acting like a LIL ANGEL NOW but da DEVIL was in er dat night LOL. Oh and as for blaming er friends, i’m sure dey didn’t put a gun to er head & forced er to da concert. If she had some kind of respect for er father (who is a Pastor) i’m sure she wouldn’t have dun wat she did! I’ve seen pictures of dis chick & i’m not impressed, she gets around like a PROSTITUTE!

  17. i think akon shouldnt be blamed for anything an dat it shows alot about him dat he’s takin da blame i have been in da same situation wen u are in da clubs man u dont think about id an age shit every one in there was checced at da door so why i gotta ask but man i have seen things worse at show an concerts like plies an boosie shootin at da club 238 no one lost there lives but people was hit one girl hit in the ear so i dont think akon should have even wrote da song an let the press say wat they wanna akon shit is tight

    Ms. Alleyne herself got up on stage, dancin’ like a prostitute. Personally, I don’t think Akon should be degrading women like that anyways, but this specific situation, was all to the fault of this Ms. Alleyne who think she can blame it all on Akon. I got no sympathy for her at all. She came to Akon willing, and she actin’ all cute in the media. Ms. Alleyne on stage gigglin’ like she somethin’ else. Just no excuse for her behavior…deceiving her parents with her whereabouts.

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