Apparently Babs hasn’t died off of the face of the earth like her MTB2 bandmates, seeing that she is slated to host Queer Black Cinema’s premiere of its newest gay teen series and live performances from its most notable LGBTQ (lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender,queer) artists on June 17. Back up. Is a bell going off loud and clear in anyone else’s head?! I’m not even going to comment on this one, I’ll leave that up to you guys.

BUT, if you were wondering what Babs Bunny has been up to check out her MySpace page

 She’s set to present Mariah Carey with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Urban Music Awards in July, hosted by Foxy Brown.

Speaking of Fox Boogie, she will be joining Fox on her tour in Africa.


Photo courtesy of Ms Bell Photo


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  1. that bitch really fucked up because if it wasn’t for QBC or queer black cinema, whatever they call themselves you wouldn’t even know babs the bunny was still around. If you ask me, something sounds funny. It’s sad that she had to use a grass-root organization she promise to host their benefit which was not only going to raise money to keep the series going but held FREE HIV testing at the benefit only to use them just for publicity. You heard it right for PUBLICITY. Homegirl didn’t even show up! I was there because I am a true fan to LYNEASE WILEY AKA BABS BUNNY. Instead, they had former Def Poetry ButtaFly Soul host it. He was phenomenal. It was better that he did it anyway and I’m a fan of babs. The crowed didn’t even miss her. I was very disappointed with babs. If she didn’t do it then why lie. I hate fucking liars. They had this girl name Seya that performed that evening and would have blow babs out the box so maybe it was better she didn’t come. I think she wasn’t going to show up in the first place. I think she just wanted the free publicity. after all what happen to her group in the first place. NO body was writing about her until Queer Black Cinema wrote an press release on her. I over heard she got in touch with the producer and said she was still coming. Anyway, that’s my juice. I ain’t gay or nothing but the performances were off the chart. It’s not even about being gay, it was about the art. One Love

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