Hot or Not?: New Nike Socks w/ Bird S#$% on Them


Remember those ever so popular Nike Pigeon Dunks? The infamous kicks were supposed to feature splatters of bird crap on them, but the feat proved to be too difficult to replicate during mass production. Well, they brought the kicks back in the form of a sock which will feature the pigeon crap. 

I don’t get this one. Sneakerheads are just about ready to fight anyone just for stepping on their kicks. Who would pay the S$%^load of money they cost these days to buy a pair custom-sh$%ted on just for you? And I am not feeling the pumps and socks look, that just looks ridiculous. But I guarantee you some hoodrats will be trying to run up in the grown and sexy clubs with these socks on their feet, TRYING to get in.

If you’re feeling this look, you can find these very limited socks here. The store does have some other cute things though, so check it out.



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