Ne-Yo Discovers He is Not Biological Father of Ex’s Son


It has recently come out that Ne-Yo has discovered that his once believed-to-be son with ex/best friend Jessica White was not biologically his. In the past he has said:

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that I have a five-month old son. Any free time I have now is spent with him. A few people suggested to me that I should try and hide the fact that I have a son because it might damage my career. But as far as I’m concerned, to hide it would suggest that I was ashamed and I’m not ashamed. I love my son. Me and his mom aren’t in a relationship. We’re actually best friends. We’ve known each other for years and years and never ever wanted to be in a relationship with each other. But the one time we… got physical, she fell pregnant…”

After finding out that 20 month old Chimere is not his, Ne-Yo told reporters during an interview:

“There’s something that I need to clear up.Apparently, very soon, there’s going to be some nasty comments being made about my son, and my relationship to my son… Basically, somebody’s going to go online and say that I’m lying about having a son, because he’s not biologically mine. Now the thing is, I think in this day and age, everybody knows that blood does not make a father. He’s known no other father but me since the day he was born, and though I did not make him, I am his father and he is my son, and that’s what it is.”

I just hope that no one has anything negative to say once this does come out, because it is always a good situation when a black man decides to step up to the plate and play the role of a father. Regardless of whether the child is his or not, him being a positive role model in Chimere’s life will leave us one less angry black man to wander the earth. Now I’m done preaching. 



  1. wow mr.smith is GREAT, he seems to been a very care’n guy and a happy one can ever take that away, not even ur ex lover!!!! GOD BLESS, and write anyother song for me!!! SWEET18! NC all damn day……..!

  2. Dis shows Neyo is taking da responsibilities of a father which is a very good thing. Bless him 4 dat… so no1 hate, appreciate

  3. Neyo you are a GREAT young man and a wise soul. No wonder God has blessed you so. I say ^ 5 to Neyo. What a wonderful example you are to that Baby who will grow up amd make you even more happy and proud.

  4. Ne-Yo is definitely a responsible and a caring father…the money and fame have not drowned his conscience….he definitely is a great man…and a great singer…way to go Ne-Yo!! U ROCK!!!

  5. Hmmm…ok at least he’s there for the baby…but still i don’t like the fact that he sleeps around with females while he’s on tour and then he be letting those stupid golddigers give him head..he’s gonna catch stds or aids..yuck…and i don’t respect musicians like that…


  7. What u did Ne-yo was very nice I mean it was unspeakable I might have did what u did but I would be very heart broke i all ready look ^ to you as an Idol cause i sing very well also and i really look up 2 u cause u sound really good but u this makes me feel really good about the future cause I can always go back and see what u did let GOD!!! bless u!!!!!!!

    Your #1 fan
    Winston Black

  8. Neyo is a great dad and although he is not fully his son it doesnt matter cause he love him x

  9. f!#k that, let the real father handle his business, she knows who ‘s the real father and the b#tch lied. He should blow his money and live a lie for her dam that

  10. f!#k that, let the real father handle his business, she knows who ‘s the real father and the b#tch lied. He shouldn’t blow his money and live a lie for her dam that

  11. Shaffer i think your a legend

    id give anything to have a dad

    biological or not

    ur right

    its doenst realli matter as long as he cares 4 u

  12. I really admire this guy… i have so much respect for him. This just goes to show how good a heart Ne-yo has…
    LOVE HIM!!!!!

  13. ne-yo is an amazingg musician, andd ee ovs wants to look after this baby, let him, it shows ees a goodhearted man, and i respect his decisions, its up to him.
    nia birmingham, 15th july, amazingg (L) xxx

  14. omg i think thats really cool some guys wont ever think of keppin or taking that resposibility! so Neyos the BIGGER MAN!:P thats awesome i hope i find someone like him when i do have kids i wish all guys were like him. i luv yu neyop deathly! well yur muzic..–Luvv always Tsha Swan

  15. Iloveyou neyo. You’re such a role model.

  16. neyo is a really great guy

  17. Neyo is a man. So attractive the way he has dealt with this.

  18. neyo u are a cutie baby thanks for visiting gt, u rock the stadium and leave us wanting more , u are welcome to gt anytime u are the best and a loving and caring dad keep it up bro we love u .

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