Hot Trackz: Rihanna & Chris Brown_Umbrella/Cinderella Mix


Chris Brown’s remix to Umbrella has just started getting some play on Hot97 this past week. I’m actually feeling the track, it’s cute. But I’m sure this is going to be on heavy rotation soon and I am NOT too excited about hearing it 4 times every hour (T-Pain, you’re KILLING me!).

And I hope no one gets any ideas about Rihanna and Chris as a couple, because she quickly squashed that idea on Funkmaster Flex’s show earlier this week. She deaded him hard and said “he’s just a kid”. The last time I checked, she was less than a year older than him…

 Umbrella/Cinderella Mix


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  1. that remix is so bad, its like my kid brother has done a remix in his bedroom at the cost of buying the single and a 4 pack of red bull so that he can work on it all night its ridiculas only people with really bad taste in music are gonna like this so know doubt it will proberly go to number one they way the music scene has been as of late…

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