If I Bought My Ass, I’d Make it Bigger Too


Why is it that everytime I see this chick her ass gets larger and larger?! For those who don’t know, Kim K has ‘reportedly’ had butt implants, breast implants, cheek implants, lip injections and most likely a nose job. You can definitely tell the difference in the before and after pics, and she looks a helluva lot better now. Hey, if it floats your boat…

**sidenote:let’s just say that I have been blessed not to ever need butt implants, so don’t let the headline fool you. And for those who ARE considering butt implants, let this pic be a warning:

this is what it looks like to have a set of boobies on your backside. cheers!


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    I am an ENTERTAINMENT reporter! I am not claiming ownership of these photos, because I did not take them. I am also not claiming truth in these reports, because I have no way to prove that everything everyone says is true. I try to use "reportedly" and "allegedly" as much as I can for things I'm not sure of, but keep in mind that sometimes I may forget to put that in. I use various sources to find my information: news reports, articles, other websites and blogs. I try to credit everyone for any story I have borrowed, but if I forget just ask me to add you to my blogroll and cite you as the source. Lastly, I would greatly appreciate if you would like to add tips to my site. Email me at dontleavemealone85@yahoo.com, and I will DEFINITELY give you the credit you deserve.