Just Because You Made a Sex Tape Doesn’t Mean You Gotta Run for Mayor!


This nukka should be greatful that so many great bloggers out there are willing to waste their time on this fool. This is the most press he’s gotten in…his whole career! Anyway, I recently read a report on a Hot Mess stating that Ray-J is planning to run for mayor! I highly doubt he’ll do it, but he claims he’ll run for mayor of Carson City, California next election because they need somebody young. He says:

“I might do it at the next election and let all of this controversy die down and then hit them harder. I want people to look at other things besides rapping and singing… That’s why I didn’t run for mayor this year… I think I can still win. … I’ve been through the ups and downs in Carson. They need somebody young, not only to make a statement and win all eyes from all over the world… I can bring all of the youth into being inspired to do something different in life.”

And Carson will only be the first stop: “Young people 18 and older don’t vote. When I get people to start voting and start uplifting themselves in the political side of life… I’m making a change in the world. “I’m going to keep going. I’m going for president of the United States of America.”

President my ass. These white folk don’t even want Barack in office, and he’s half of one of them. What makes him think a washed up, never-has-been r&b singer (who happens to be well-endowed w/ his own sex tape) will ever be elected as a president. But hey, anything is possible after Bush.



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