Move Over Chicken Noodle Soup…

Harlem is back with the new dance Aunt Jackie. The name sounds weird, but its 8o’s beat and catchy dances have made its creator Jason Fox an overnight celebrity. The homemade video has gotten over 400,000 hits on YouTube, and people everywhere are imitating the dance. His popularity has recently gotten him signed to Island Urban Music by Jermaine Dupri. Now that he’s on a major label, they’re remaking the video and submitting the song to all of the major radio stations. I must admit that this has really grown on me. Check out the Myspace page to hear the real version. Is it just me, or is Jason Fox a little cutie?


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  1. This track is fire, I love the beat and the producer of this song is Black the Beast, he did his thing much luck to the artist Jason Fox and Hood Presidents!!

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