T-Pain Thinks Ray-J’s Packing Meat


T-Pain is probably the only brother who WOULDN’T hit Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview with SOHH, T-Pain named Kim as one of the top 5 women he wouldn’t hit, only because he couldn’t hold a candle to Ray J’s “meat”. He says “the man has got huge meat…he got a foot on him”. He went on to say he wouldn’t bone Alicia Keys

because she’s a “bag of bones” (wtf?) or Pam Anderson because she’s got a lot of hair (you know where). BUT, he said he’d hit raggedy ass Courtney Love. What the hell? Watch the interview for yourself.



  1. t pain cuhz u a fuCCin Fag cuhz word on CripK cuhz u a fag

  2. Comin from a gay dude, that shyt DEFINITELY tells me that T Pain Slobs on Big Knobs. Come on… hangin, packin, a foot, huge meat, yall saw it, etc… He might as well have said “that nigga got a dick wit my name on it! Gimme gimme gimme dat!!”
    And of course that played out FAKE ASS “No Homo” phrase is bull shit. It aint nothin but a well-respected cover up for niggas who are homosexual, bisexual, homo-curious, bi-curious. 85% of the niggas that walk around hollin “No Homo” will turn around and fall in love wit a niggas dick/azz/both behind closed doors… given the right amount of alcohol/weed/pills. Sad, but true…. andT Pain proves it!


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  5. yeah, he watches the video and the only thing he can think of is Ray J’s dick. And he wouldnt fuck alicia keys or pam anderson huh? Sounds like a faggot to me, maybe that explains why him and lil wayne get along so well. both of them are fags flat out.

  6. Я смотрю вас здесь уже заспамили

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  8. I appreciate the information!

  9. looks to me like the man just knows what he likes is it sad or just the truth.

  10. What the hell i wrong with this guy? To call Alicia Keys a “bag of bones” is just rude for no reason. He’s so arrogant that he thinks we all give a shit about his dumb list!

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