Speaking of Ray-J’s Meat…


Apparently, Ray-J’s sexcapades with Kim have gotten him booted from a movie. He was reportedly set to star alongside Yolanda Adams in a new film geared towards the church audience. After producers found out about the tape, Ray-J was dropped from the lineup. He says:

“I felt like I shouldn’t have had to audition because I’d worked with the casting director on a few movies,” he explained. “But I did it for him. We were going through this whole thing and I was just like, ‘I’ve got the part.’ Then they called me and asked me, ‘Yo, what’s up with the sex tape? We know about it.’ Then they called me back and said, ‘Well, Yolanda Adams is in the movie and this is gospel and we just can’t do it.”

He has no one to blame but himself, because HE is the one that sold the tape for $1 million trying to get famous (like people care about him). The whole thing probably backfired in his face, because I heard that the man who was supposed to distribute the tape backed out because he felt bad for Kim. Now he’s still broke, and still a never-will-be. At least he still has T-Pain as a fan…


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