’s Blind Item of the Day

May 31, 2007. Which popular hip-hop mogul and his famous wife are locked in a bitter divorce battle that threatens to expose details of their very “non-traditional” marriage?

For years the A-list couple had an open marriage – with both frequently taking on lovers. The problem is that their extra-marital relationships produced a child. You see, one of the girls whom the mogul is raising as his daughters – isn’t his biologically.

And that’s not all. The mogul’s wife is threatening to expose this secret unless she receives a hefty divorce settlement. A person close to the case tells, “When I heard what [the wife] is trying to do, it made me sick to my stomach.”

Hint – The last gossip mag that tried to expose this hip hop couple’s paternity drama got hit with a lawsuit that was short on specifics. Guess you know why we’re putting this as a blind item…

I think that the couple is Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee, because everyone knows they were not faithful to each other. He is such a monster that I wouldn’t be surprised. At least their daughters are cute, even if one may not actually be his…




  1. i think it is russel simmons and kimora.

  2. Its Irv Gotti and wife Deb

  3. Its Deb and husband gotti i saw the whole show the oldiest girl. shes pretty too but shy. i personally thought they had it good. sorry Deb divorce is not pretty but life goes on.

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