Karrine Steffans and Neyo? I’ll Pass


Miss Info has just reported that Karrine Steffans,aka “Superhead”the dirty whore, has told a source very close to her (Info) that she is dating R&B superstar Ne-Yo. After publishing the book that glorified her sexcapades with the whole entertainment industry, she had been linked to a slew of celebrities  like Bill Mahr and Bobby Brown. However, I don’t know how much credibility I’d give her story.

For one, she volunteered the information (no one asked her stankin ass). And, that hoe swears she was in a relationship with EVERYONE! I read the book, and she tried to call her f–k fests with Ja Rule, Ice T and Shaq “relationships”. No boo, you were just an easy piece of ass. I think she’s trying to stir up some more controversy to help sell her new book. I visited her site, and The Vixen Diaries is dropping Sept. 25. She also said she’s working on a third book, that is due by October,  as well as a luxury vehicle line and a t-shirt line. She shot video at a top-secret photo shoot, and she says it’s for the cover of a magazine that she won’t name. That’s a lot of benefits to being a high class hooker. I wonder if she gets a 401K plan too?…




  1. fuck this bitch superhed i hate that bitch she gone have hiv goning around suking and fucking every boby man ne yo is mine and thats all to it

  2. why is everyone hating on karrine? I do not see anyone commenting on the so call men fucking her? this men are supposedly married with families or in relationships and they are the biggest whores of them all…… of course if a woman sleeps around she is a slut, but if a man does what? he is just a man? that is bullshit, this men sleeping with karrine are the worst they are nothing but trash with std’s falling off their dicks….. they stick it in anything that has a hole……..

  3. People leave the poor now rich girl alone.The men that she wrote about in her book deserves what they got. These were married men, men in relationships and just men who just wanted to get the superhead and then be done with her, yeah men who have no respect for women at all NOW WHO HAD the last laugh ? You girls out there who r banging this celebrities hoping that u will get somewhere , no u wont, u will will be thrown out like last weeks’ trash while they move on to the best new thing. Karrine whateever hername is one of the smartest women out there who learned fast how the game works and cashed out. KUDDOS girl,they Men hate her because she outsmarted and outplayed the best of them. Women hate her because they r just jelous they wish they had a chance of penning such an expose.

  4. Fuck Super head dude. cause thats all she do is give super head!!!! lol. she dont fuckin go wit neyo. he might have fucked her hell everybody else did neyo just tryna get it like everybody else did but relationship wise HELL THE FUCK NAW!!!! NASTY BITCH!!!! neyo deffinently on his grown man shit he dont want dat hoe!! feel me!

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