*Warning*:Black People WILL Kill for Food


It has just been reported that a graveyard shift Wendy’s manager in Miami Gardens was shot over (drumroll please…): chili sauce!! Renel Frange, 20, was working the 5pm-3am shift when a demanding customer pulled up to order. Apparently, he likes A LOT of sauce when he’s eating his chili and asked for extra. Wendy’s policy states that the customer gets 2 packets of sauce, or 1 extra if they ask for more. Frange told the customer this, but slipped 8 extra packets of sauce in the bag anyway. The customer didn’t know this, because he started shooting at Frange once he stepped outside to tell him that he did. He ended up getting blasted in the arm for 11 damn packets of sauce. He’s okay, but they’re still searching for the shooter that fled in a light-brown four-door. The pitiful part is, there was a security guard on duty!! His ass was ASLEEP, and the gunshots were the only thing that woke him up. Black folks are so ghetto sometimes…


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