Usher’s Momma aka Psycho Fiance Must Have Some Powerful Pum Pum!


Though she’s got 3 kids and is probably stretched out as all hell, Tameka’s definitely got Usher thinking she has a million dollar coochie! He fired his MOM as manager(“Sorry, we can’t be a family anymore b/c Tameka won’t let me”), grounded his playboy ways, got engaged to the chick (who’s much older with kids), AND is now making threats in her defense! His metrosexual ass had the nerve to call Tom Joyner and threaten to “whoop his ass” for making negative comments about her on his radio show. Joyner’s show also reported that Tameka was looking pregnant on a recent cruise she was spotted on, and Usher was obviously upset that everyone confused her fat ass with being pregnant. Allegedly, he called Angie Martinez and Wendy Williams asking them to lay off her as well. Word is that she’s psycho, but that craziness is apparently sexy to Usher…




  1. I honestly didn’t think Chilli looked that good either, but the fact that Usher would move from that to her grandma is kinda sick.

  2. Wendy or Wendell Williams gossips, drinks nouveau, smokes herb, and pimps young ignorants in the hood for her radio talk show soo who the hell cares…. She looks more manly than Tomeka to me. She (Tomeka)does not look like a tranny and she has feminine appeal. Wendelll thkins that blond wigs and the fact that you may have grwon up in the suburbs (although broke as hell) makes you black with a hint of white because of your grammar. Did anyone see her interview on meaditakeout while shes dissing queen latifah and crying about her drug habit and radio life? pul leeze, I havent seen her on cover girl or cover male so whatever queen latifah does its her business, and she at least looks like a women. Then she rants why this or that person could not play her in her movie lmao……..because of someone who may speak with a hood dialect. Wait isnt that the same shit she uses to get ratings? Cracking on those same people with bad grammar 9 out 10? Wendell Williams should not have a damn thing to say about Tomeka Foster, Is she mad because no young man or women in their right mind would ask for her hand in marriage, look at big kev? does he look normal?

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