Random Trash:K-Fed is Releasing Another Album


Normally, I would NOT waste my time reporting on this f-lister. BUT, I felt it was my responsibility to warn ya’ll before it’s too late that Kevin Federline is indeed coming out with another piece of trash that he calls an album. Hip hop is dying, but he just made of mockery of that sh$%. He only sold like 10 albums the last time, and I would’ve thought that would’ve been enough to deter him this time around. But, he’s pooling together his own (cough) money to produce and record his follow up-album. I just thought I’d give you a heads up, but I doubt you have to worry about it hitting stores any time this millenium soon.



  1. WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Y is it that 50 comes out and fucks wit every other rapper but no one says shit bout this damn ass? Someone needs to hurt his damn feelings. Maybe then he’ll stop hurtin mine with this dumb ass dream.

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