BLACK MEN BEWARE!!: Fake Magnums Being Sold in NYC

I know a lot of brothas use Magnum (hopefully, or your family must not love you), so read this post! Counterfeit condoms have been found floating around
Harlem at small, local delis. They’re noticeably smaller in size (which should ring off a bell in your head!!), and they have a strong sweet-smelling fragrance. The packaging foil is also not as heavy and doesn’t bend as easily. Similar reports have popped in Jersey and
I don’t want to sound like one of those loonies on the corner, but this sounds like the work of the government to me. Remember when the rumor was floating around about those quarter waters? About how they’re only sold in poorer, black neighborhoods to stop our men from breeding kids? This sounds similar, because Magnums were like MADE for black men. This would be a perfect way to kill them off…that sweet-smelling fragrance? could it possibly keep men from EVER breeding babies? maybe there’s holes poked in the condoms so they can catch all kinds of diseases…lol…I’m getting carried away.


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