Yea,Um…This Looks a Little Gay to Me!

Beanie had some nerve trying to shoot down Pharell and Kanye for “being gay” when he knew this video was floating around. After seeing this on A Hot Mess, I must admit I was LMFAO!! All that space in the background, and yet Beanie was ALL OVER Peedi! Damn, can’t a nukka breathe?! Notice how he’s eye f-in him, and he seriously looks like he’s ready to take their biz from the streets to the sheets. Lol. Between rubbing on his shoulders and trying to kiss him, I don’t see where Beanie could deny this. I think someone was a little nervous about this coming out, so he decided to blow smoke in the other direction. Didn’t he know he was going to bring more attention to himself?! That was my laugh for the day. If you want to see more suspect behavior from a rapper, go to my May 18th post with Lil Cease and his questionable strip tease.


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