Spoiler Alert!! Who Gets Kicked Off of Charm School this Week

If you do NOT want to ruin the anticipation (I’m sure you’re all dying to know.scoff), then read no further. For some odd reason, MTV played the latest episode of Charm School at midnight this past Monday (the one that was replaced this Sunday night by another show). Don’t worry if you missed it, because it will be airing this Sunday June 3 at normal time.

It should be no suprise for all you followers, that the drama with the stolen picture still continues. The show didn’t focus too much on the challenge this week, which was to see how the reacted under pressure when being interviewed by NY (who should NOT have been wearing that bright ass lipstick!!). Becky did horribly and cried, then went home and cried some more. For some reason, her and Sapphyri decided to play detective and get to the bottom of the picture incident. Larissa was lying out her ass, this bitch could be an actress that’s how serious she was. They concluded it was Shay, and Becky spilled the beans. This whole drama erupted, and basically Shay went running to Monique (like they all do). Becky was originally supposed to go home, but Larissa got kicked off for running her mouth again. That little devious biotch has no heart, you should’ve seen how quick she was to jump up and accuse and act suprised with a straight damn face on the WHOLE time. This must be why her and Shay no longer talk,¬†because they did not have very nice things to say about each other when they’ve been interviewed.



  1. damn sweetie, i’m n da 410 aka baltimore, md…u can holla at me… i got ya back!!!

  2. u suck biitch ur to old to be acting like this!! Becky and Brooke are the best!

  3. hey i was jking with u ur awsome girl i love yea my friend went on my computer and wrote that sry!!!!!! its not true!!! i tryed to delete it but i cant find a way to do that LOVe yea girl!

  4. i like bootz that is my girl me and bootz act the same way.i was mad that he had got kicked off the show

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