New Blind Item Posted on Concrete Loop

I love these mysteries, but I hate that I can’t figure them out!! Concrete Loop has just posted a blind item that involves a celebrity not too famous wrapped up in fling with a female superstar, who crushed his ego by dumping him for a married basketball player. He rebounded with a rumored to be bisexual female superstar, and their nights were filled with lots of drugs, threesomes and rough (sometimes violent) sex. Allegedly, they have now become an ‘exclusive’ couple. I can’t figure this one, but I do know:

1)the female who dumped the star is black, b/c she got involved with a black basketball player who is infamous for dating white women.

2)the male star of this story is/was known for his sexually freaky inhibitions in the bed.

3)he bragged about getting this desirable woman in bed.

Some names floating around in my head are Michael Jordan and Kimora Lee. I think it’s either/or, I can’t picture the two of them together. She is known for her alleged freaky threesomes, and he is known for his white mistresses. Click here to read the Blind Item for yourself. Hit me with any clues!!


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