Jay-Z Facing Multiple Lawsuits


Though they may not be partners anymore,  I have a feeling these two will be working together alot more now that this suit has come out. A Philadelphia man, Antonne Jones, is suing the Jay and Damon Dash for stealing the idea for the movie “State Property” from his novel. Allegedly, the three had met in 1998 to discuss them buying the movie rights for book for $500,000. He apparently rejected their $50,000 counteroffer, but they went on to use the concept without his permission. That movie bored me to sleep, so I’d be pissed and sue them too. If you’re going to steal my idea, you might as well do it RIGHT!

Jay-Z’s going to be fighting a 2-front war, because he’s also in the middle of a lawsuit with a former waitress at his 40/40 club. Celeste Williams filed a proposed class action lawsuit on behalf of herself and other workers against the mogul and his club stating that he took and cut of waiters’ tips, “willfully failing and refusing to pay them at the legally required minimum wage” and overtime. This lawsuit alleges that over 100 staffers have been shortchanged. Williams is seeking unspecified damages.

Why are all the people with money so damn stingy? Damn, spread the wealth! But then again, club management is reporting that the waitress who’s filing the class action suit only worked for 4 days.

If I were Jay-Z, I’d pay off my alleged secret baby momma and love child before they come out of the woodworks too.


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  1. He has the money so he can have babies by whoever he chooses… Now let’s talk about you and I having a baby… Ok maybe not.. LOL… Holla

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