Where Are They Now?In a Crackhouse: Maia Campbell Edition

Whatever happened to the pretty,innocent girl from In the House? Maia has been anything but innocent these past couple of years. She’s been reportedly married secretly, then supposedly hiding the fact that Daron (112) was her baby daddy, then arrested for stealing cars. A video of her singing naked on crack was also posted on YouTube, probably by the men who she let film her for some crack cocaine. Now reports are being added to her May 4th arrest for stealing some guy’s car. They’re saying that a crack house she was staying at got raided so she stole the car she was sitting in (while the guy went inside) and skipped town. MediaTakeout posted this video on YouTube:



  1. she used to be so pretty!!this is so sad cuz she seemed so nice.

  2. i heard she started crackin out when her mom died

  3. Free downloads:

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    I am an ENTERTAINMENT reporter! I am not claiming ownership of these photos, because I did not take them. I am also not claiming truth in these reports, because I have no way to prove that everything everyone says is true. I try to use "reportedly" and "allegedly" as much as I can for things I'm not sure of, but keep in mind that sometimes I may forget to put that in. I use various sources to find my information: news reports, articles, other websites and blogs. I try to credit everyone for any story I have borrowed, but if I forget just ask me to add you to my blogroll and cite you as the source. Lastly, I would greatly appreciate if you would like to add tips to my site. Email me at dontleavemealone85@yahoo.com, and I will DEFINITELY give you the credit you deserve.