Schatar is Two Eggs Short of a Basket


Lets be real, we all know Hottie isn’t all there. But this tops the cake. Last Sunday, she was expelled from Charm School after Shay and Larissa set her up. I must admit (as much as I find her a strange creature), I felt a little sorry for the bag lady. UNTIL she sent this wacky letter to VH1 demanding her own show! :

“Let’s keep it real. The judges should have kept it tight and reviewed the film the same way they did for the etiquette segment.My character was defamed. This was obvious and clear bias. I was crucified – hung on an emotional cross!Hugs don’t get it. We are out here in the real world. I demand a PUBLIC APOLOGY from the girls and the judges, televised on VH1 and I demand my own Shopping Couture with Schatar from the VH1 network immediately.At a minimum, Mo’Nique should have said, “Schatar if I am wrong about this, I will offer you an opening act on tour with me, the way I offered Goldie to go on tour with me and implied assistance to Krazy about her CD.”My millions of fans would appreciate a publicized apology from the judges and the girls on the reunion show.Also, VH1 can develop and air a show starring me called Shopping Couture with Schatar. I would look forward to collaborating with a reputable production company contracted with VH1 to develop and bring this show starring me to air within the next 6 months.”

Millions of fans? I highly doubt that. For a supposed Ivy League graduate, she sure is delusional. She couldn’t even sell her “couture” gowns at a thrift shop last week, because they said they were dirty and smelly. How would she figure that they would just throw her a show?


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