Another Reason Why MTB Should Be Cancelled…


As if it isn’t bad enough that Making the Band has failed to produce 1 great act (out of all 3 seasons), it’s causing drama now to. We’re all used to the arguing, because Diddy is sooo good throwing a group full of RANDOM artists together and expecting them to live and in peace and harmony. But, this time the drama was between him and the show’s choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Laurie Ann had allegedly filed a complaint on May 11 against Diddy with the NYPD, citing that he throw a chair at her during an argument. Apparently, the argument was over Diddy’s dissatisfaction with the new group’s lackluster performance (what a surprise). To add to the swirl of randomness, Michael Bivens was a celebrity guest judge and allegedly tried to hold her down while Diddy attempted to hit her. All of this was caught on tape, and the NYPD is still trying to get a hold of the footage for their investigation. However, seeing that Diddy is the show’s executive producer, I wouldn’t be surprised if the footage mysteriously disappears…


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