Aren’t We Alittle Too Old for Boy Bands?

Concrete Loop has just reported that R&B stars Tyrese, Tank, & Ginuwine are teaming up to make a new group by the name of TGT. Fans will get a first listen of “TGT” on the remix for Tanks current single, “Please Don’t Go” (I love this song), which is expected drop in two weeks.” The group plans to launch their first international tour in the fall with “The Shirts Off Tour”. The tour will feature sets of the greatest solo hits of all 3 singers, in addition to exclusive “TGT” songs.

Don’t let the title fool you, I’m actually kind of excited for this record. Hopefully they’ll have more success then LSG, but then again…they’re not exactly going double platinum on their own. Who knows? Ginuwine and Tyrese were hot on “The Best Man” though…


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