Bobby Wants to Mooch Off Whitney Till Death Do Them Part

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston finalized their divorce on April 24, in a proceeding that was suprisingly not over the top. Houston was granted sole custody of 14 y.o. Bobbi Kristina…end of story. BUT, you know Bobby couldn’t let it all go without leaving with SOMETHING. He is suing Whitney for his being “homeless”, and feels that he desires spousal support. He also wants shared custody of their daughter. Two questions. 1)What in the world gave him the idea that sniffing away his life and being a bum is a job worth paying for? 2)If you’re so-called “homeless” and can’t stand on your own two feet, what would make you think the court would allow you to drag your kid into your nothingness? This is a verdict I’m not waiting around for, and it should be an open and shut case. But, it is Hollywood (w/ a crackhead…or two).

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