Super Sweet Sixteen the Movie

Because we all couldn’t get enough of those annoying spoiled little brats in 30 minutes, MTV has decided to grace us with a full length movie. My Super Sweet 16 the Movie is a fictionalized version of the show premiering on July 8 on MTV. I watched the trailer so I’m sure it has a plot, but I didn’t care enough to take the sound off of mute and hear what it was about. I’m getting hives just thinking about this movie, because MTV’s tv movies are infamously horrible. Pretty Ricky was in the trailer, so that should be enough said. I just keep remembering that stupid kung-fu one they had with Redman, Method Man and some other rappers a few years ago. What was it called? Oh yeah, I forgot that I don’t care.


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  1. yall need to stop hating on pretty ricky. you can hate on those spoild bitches but not pretty ricky

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