Sisqo’ Beefin Wit Usher AND R.Kelly?

What is this industry coming to? Everyone’s beefing with everybody, tryna get publicity. Sad. What’s even sadder is that Sisqo’ re-emerged out of nowhere with a vendetta against Usher and R.Kelly (personally, I’m a fan of both of their music but neither of their personalities). It has something to do with them not “respecting him as a veteran” and something about Usher wearing dragons on his clothes?? I’m not gonna lie, I still bump Sisqo’s first cd like it’s new, but I’ve been wondering about him for a while. He seems alittle looney to me. Anyway, the track is called “One Finga”, listen to it but don’t expect it to surface on an album anytime soon. Oh yeah, look at what a hot mess he looks like now. There’s also an old pic that’s extremely questionable, and makes me wonder why the hell I used to have a crush on him (maybe b/c I was like 12 and thought that a guy with silver hair and ambiguous sexuality was attractive). Shame on me.


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  1. How the hayl yall ain’t warn nobody about that first picture of Sisqo? OMG my eyeballs!

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