For someone who never went to college, 50 sure does know alot about marketing. I knew this publicity stunt couldn’t possibly be over, especially seeing that his album is about to be released soon. 50 popped up on 106 and Park to premiere his new video ‘Amusement Park’, and couldn’t help taking a cheap shot at Cam. He brought up the recent rumors circulating that Cam is hiding out because his eye got busted after a fight with Tru Life. Cam, obviously pissed, send a video to Miss Info of him in front of a pool. It was honestly one of the most random things I’ve ever seen. He started talking about how his eye wasn’t busted, he was on vacation. It looked like any random homemade pool in the back of someone’s house, not some luxury beach house if you ask me. Make sure to listen until the end, he has the nerve to tell the ‘cameraman’ to get a shot of the pool.


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