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What the F#$%’s in the Water? Lil Wayne & Ja Rule Both Arrested in NY has reported that both Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested last night in separate incidents in NY. It’s reported that at around 10:30 pm Ja Rule was pulled over for speeding, but cops found a .40-calibur pistol upon searching the vehicle. Only hours later, Lil Wayne was arrested under claims that cops found witnessed him and another guy smoking weed after his performance at the Beacon Theatre. When they searched him, they discovered he had a .40-calibur pistol on him too. All I can say is wtf?! You rappers need to learn how to be more conspicious when COMMITTING ILLEGAL CRIMES!!! I mean, you’re kinda asking to get caught when you’re smoking in public! Anyway, in some more bizarre news, Lil Wayne is featured on Ja Rule’s latest single Uh Oh, to be released on his upcoming album. It’s not so bizarre that the two that collaborated got arrested on the same night, but more so because Ja Rule’s coming out with a new album. Wtf!? I almost thought he gave that dream up when 50 murdered his career years ago.

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Lil Wayne to Star in New Reality Show?…


Word on the streets is that Lil’ Wayne is gearing up for his own reality show. “Making the Next Hit with Lil’ Wayne”, will be airing on This is sadly another prime example of what happens when celebrities get bored. Why is it that they’re all getting their own reality shows! This crackish version of American Idol meets Ice T’s rap school (horrible show!eh!) searches for wannabe producers and talent to be the next big star…(yada, yada, yada). I checked the website and he’s not the host, so I’m still trying to figure out his purpose. Check it out for yourself at

and could the name get anymore original?…Come on Wayne, you’re slippin.

Oh well, it has to be better than MTB4. Doesn’t take much to top that trash.

Will Biggie Ever Be Able to Rest in Peace?

Seems like everyone is still trying to milk Biggie for all he’s worth. There have been movies, cds, and documentaries GALORE made of this man who will never be able to rest in peace. A new documentary is being released, which features real footage that chronicles the lives of his closest friends and associates after his passing. SOHH states:

Life After Death: The Movie reveals the triumphs and trials of Biggie’s close friend D-Roc (real name Damion Butler), and his associates, Lil’ Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A., after Biggie’s passing. Narrated by Jamie Hector (”The Wire”) and directed by April Maiya, the film follows those who were forced to move on after the 1997 shooting, via their own video footage. The film shows friends and group members as they traveled the world enjoying the fruits of their musical success and later documents the crew’s unraveling, thanks primarily to the HOT 97 shootout that put Lil’ Kim and D-Roc behind bars.

Check out Myspace page or the website for more information, and I’ll let you be the judge…

Stack Bundles’ Murderer Killed?


According to the NY Daily News this morning, police suspect that a man rumored to have killed Stack Bundles was murdered in a possible retaliation early this morning. Here’s the article: 

The murder of a man in Springfield Gardens yesterday may be connected with the ambush killing of a popular rapper last week in Far Rockaway, police sources said.

Charles White, 20, an aspiring rapper, was killed execution-style in a house on 176th St. in Queens about 12:20 a.m., cops said. He was found dead on a sofa with a pillow over his head and two bullet wounds behind his ear and a leg wound, a source said.

Cops say White’s murder may be in retaliation for the death of up-and-coming rapper Rayquon Elliott, 24, known as Stack Bundles, who was shot dead in the lobby of his Far Rockaway residence on June 11, another police source said.

Cops suspect White may have gone to Virginia, where he lived, right after the Elliott murder, but returned to New York last Saturday with friend Kelvin Brown, 27, who had just left the home when White was shot, sources said.

After hearing the shots, Brown ran back into the home and called police, cops said.

Neighbors on the normally quiet street expressed shock that a shooting occurred in the vacant house. It has been up for sale by the owners, Green Team Realty, for several months, according to a woman who answered the phone at the real estate company.

One neighbor, who didn’t want to give his name, saw three men on the stoop of the home Sunday night.

“One of them said Happy Father’s Day to me,” said the neighbor, 71, who described the men as “young and very polite and nice.”

The scene of the shooting is directly across the street from the Friendship Baptist Church.

“Everything happens according to the company you keep,” said the church’s pastor, Deacon Garrett Turley, 53.

No arrests have been made. The investigation is continuing, cops said.

Honestly, the violence has to stop SOMEWHERE! Everyday I read the paper and hear about black people shooting, robbing or stabbing somebody! We need to stop feeding into these negative stereotypes, because if the bad outweighs the good we will ALL look bad.

Hot or Not Video?: R.Kelly feat. Usher_Same Girl

I am the only one who found this video ridiculously cheesy?

WTF?! Pic of the Day: Shia Douglas Edition


These are pics of Ashanti’s sis Shia on her prom day. As you can see, she looks a HOT ASS MESS! She’s still big as all hell, and the girls she hangs out with don’t do much to flatter her…

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